august gbbd: unplug

it’s august 15th, and bloom day is almost done and over. kind of like most of the perennials in my garden right now due to the heat that we’re all tired of talking and reading about. i’d tend to them, but i’ve been at the computer waaaaay too much lately, working on yet another volunteer project that wouldn’t pass my perfectionist tendencies with any mercy other than my time. so in light of that, i’ll post a few brief images from my garden, so as to not appear that i’ve forgotten about my garden blogger friends. i’ll really miss seeing you all at the garden writer’s association annual symposium in indy next week, as i seriously contemplated attending it after our trip to seattle. instead, i’m heading to the mountains with my honey for a while, where the only thing i’ll plug in is my camera’s battery charger to a hand-hewn log wall. i hear the views are breath-taking up there. i hope to share them with you when i return.

the raised beds of summer lie in wait for fall planting
Tithonia (mexican sunflower) crisps in situ
maybe it's not so bad after all. this heat-loving corner is thriving, on limited water too.
treasures amongst us. boutineers i made for a sweet friend's baby shower, using items from the garden. citrus leaves, mexican beauty berries and zinnias. one for her, one for her hubby. yes, husbands were invited, and seemed more interested in the baby items than the ladies were at times.
speaking of hubbies, mr. grwhryrpltd gets his daily dose of heat and sunshine, taking me along with him to gather a diverse array of corn and sorghum.

happy bloom day. go unplug yourself and enjoy life outdoors for a while. there’s good stuff out there.



hot, dry and wilted

i’m a day late for july’s garden blogger’s bloom day post, but you haven’t missed much here. it’s still hot, still dry, and there’s lots of summer heat still to come. so you can imagine what the garden is looking like…

hot, dry and wilted...
hot, dry and wilted...

there’s a few plants still hanging on, like the zinnias, sunflowers, butterfly weed and eggplant, but the rest i’m just giving up on (like you st. augustine)… in the meantime, i hear the weather forecast is calling for rain this weekend…

happy bloom day!