PDX here we come

No, we’re not up and moving again, though I may wish that to be the case by the end of the weekend. Time to head to Portland, Oregon for the 2014 Garden Bloggers’ Fling

GDN BLGR_PDX_badgeYes, it’s been ages since I’ve last blogged… Yes, I’ve had lots of intentions to update this space with goings on in the garden for oh, what seems like two years now (could it be…? yikes, sorry guys) I never got around to posting anything about the Asheville Fling or even last year’s San Fransico Fling (that I helped coordinate from afar), let alone the garden events that occurred in between or since then. My bad… I blame it on Instagram making it too darn easy to upload a photo with a simple caption, have a “conversation” with friends and complete strangers (much like I did here), and move on to the next thing. At least you could’ve been following along with my Instagram and Twitter feeds located in the sidebars here on the blog. Oh well, in my mind’s eye, I tried.

I’ve often thought of re-designing the format here, I just haven’t found one that I like. I’ve even thought of completely overhauling it into a website. I guess in not taking the time to read other blogs consistently, I haven’t dedicated the time to updating or learning how to customize mine. I’ll get around to it. One of these days…?

I took a look at who’s coming to the Portland Fling, and while I’m only half-way through the list I’m impressed with the content I’ve seen so far. Others are obviously finding the time to blog, so maybe I should too. If nothing else, I look forward to sharing time with fellow gardenerds visiting public and private gardens, nurseries, independent garden centers and the like. I’m sure there will be lots of conversation about the state of the garden blog, and what’s coming at us next along the garden path.

See you in PDX!