who’s got the best bluebonnets in town?

the brazos county master gardeners, of course! i just went out to check on the DIG (our demonstration idea garden) and this is who greeted me there:


just in time for our upcoming plant sale… not this weekend, but NEXT WEEKEND, saturday, march 24th. be there or be square. maybe more of the aggie bonnets will be in bloom by then. what’s an aggie bonnet you say…? don’t you know everything in this town is maroon…?


the bluebonnets are coming…

this is just a quick post to let you know i haven’t completely fallen into the compost heap… spring is right around the corner and outdoor activities are starting to fill my days (YAY)! here’s a few pretty photos i took at last week’s DIG work day at the brazos county master gardener’s demonstration garden. in this part of the world, bluebonnets are the floral harbingers of spring, signaling that the prettiest time of year has just begun.


Lupinus texensis (bluebonnet)
Lupinus texensis (bluebonnet) in the rose garden
another Lupinus texensis (bluebonnet)

what harbingers of spring do you look forward to seeing?

garden projects

we’ve been keeping busy on the garden project front for the past couple of months.  projects that have nothing to do with gardening per se, but add personal atmosphere to the places we enjoy spending time in.

one project that i was very pleased see come to fruition was the garden signage for the DIG.  friend and fellow MG volunteer judy and i started working on the project quite a while ago.  six of these garden location signs were installed for the arboretum dedication that took place on arbor day.  the signs were fabricated here in town, on a uv-protected aluminum and vinyl composite panel called signabond.  the panels were attached to standard chain link fence line posts using brace bands.

bcmga garden location sign
bcmga garden location sign

i designed the signs using the bluebonnet of the brazos county MG logo as inspiration for the background logo for the signs.  after working on it for so long, i only saw the bluebonnets, but most everyone else saw trees… a subtle coincidence that i thought would perfectly apply to both the arboretum and gardens at the DIG.

garden location sign line up
sign closeup

the plan is to continue using this graphic style for the rest of the DIG signage.  knowing that, i also used it for the dedication invitation and program brochure designs.  since it was arbor day, the board requested i change the color to green, a more tree-friendly color.

arboretum dedication invitation

back on the home front, i updated our address sign from the crappy plastic-plaque-with-glue-oozing-from-behind-the-numbers (no picture, you’ll have to imagine it) to this:

updated house signage

modern numerals floating above a slab of walnut (from upstate ny) we had left over from another project.  i still have to modify how it attaches to the brick and figure out some way to conceal the screws.  it already gives a warmer feel to the entrance of our home.

mr. grwhryrpltd finished the second of two metal welded sculptures (the first was a christmas present for his mom; unfortunately, i don’t have any pictures of it to show you…), and we planted it in the garden today.  he makes me smile:

oh, welded metal man
repurposed propane tank body
welded metal man sings in the garden

and finally, today’s most recent garden project consisted of utilizing the tub of vino bottles we’ve acquired over the past two years into a new edging material.  because really, when you can’t recycle green or brown glass, what better way to use them?

wine bottle garden edge
wine bottle garden edge
the sun shines on the wine bottle garden edge

i’m looking forward to watching how light will pass through the bottles throughout the day and see how the entire edge weathers over time.  47 bottles wasn’t quite enough to finish the entire length of the garden, so i guess we have a few more bottles to consume… like 100 more…  garden party, anyone?!  come on over, and help us come up with the next round of garden projects to add to the list…

arbor day

to celebrate arbor day, the brazos county master gardeners are dedicating the brazos county arboretum at their demonstration idea garden (the DIG) today.  as DIG coordinator, i am so proud of all the work that volunteers have put into making it a wonderful horticultural resource for residents of this area (more on all the projects in a future post…).  the dedication will acknowledge a gift to the bcmga, given in memory of the donor’s parents, ira lee and mary dewees.  the arboretum consists of 24 trees that are adapted to the growing conditions of the brazos valley and includes the various trees already growing on site.  the new trees were planted in the spring of 2009.

before the arboretum (02-2009)
newly planted arboretum (02-2009)
growing arboretum (05-2009)
Prunus mexicana, (mexican plum) 02-2010
Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem,' 03-2010
Cercis canadensis var. texensis (texas redbud), 03-2010
Ilex dedicua (possumhaw holly), 04-2010
Chionanthus retusus (chinese fringe tree), 04-2010
Quercus muehlenbergii (chinkapin oak) and P. mexicana, 04-2010
Quercus shumardii (shumard oak), 04-2010
Taxodium mucronatum (montezuma bald cypress), 04-2010

with good stewardship these trees will continue to grow and flourish, providing habitat for wildlife, structure for soil, shade for the heat of summer, and beauty to admire.

happy arbor day.  now go and plant a tree of your own… or ten…  if you’re quick enough, you can even get it done in time to celebrate landscape architecture month!  so not only can you celebrate earth day (4.22) and arbor day this month, but learn all about this fine profession… wouldn’t frederick law olmsted (4.26.1822), the “father” of landscape architecture, be proud of you…?