about grwhryrpltd


welcome to grow where you’re planted.

why grwhryrpltd?

grow where you’re planted is a little philosophy i’ve adopted over the years. as opposed to bloom where you’re planted, my mantra realizes that we’re not always in a blooming stage of life, but are constantly growing and changing in response to our given environments.

where did all the vowels in grwhryrpltd go? are you welsh or something?

a learner by rote, i devised a method of note-taking that dropped most vowels from words, if only to capture spoken information in a written manner more quickly. i did this in high school, and it’s stuck ever since. while i’ve been told there’s welsh ancestry in my family, i do not speak or read the language. but it’s fun to imagine there’s a connection between the two.

who’s blogging here and what gives you the idea you know anything about growing things?

andrea fox here, pleased to meet you. among other domestic past-times, plants are my passion and the driving force behind much of my design, photography, writing and volunteer work. my interests in plants, color, texture, line and form started early on and led me to pursue a bachelors of horticulture degree from michigan state university and a masters degree in landscape architecture from the rhode island school of design (RISD). i am a member of the american society of landscape architects, the american horticultural society, and the garden communicator’s association. i’ve worked in greenhouses, at retail plant nurseries, on garden renovation/construction crews, in a landscape architecture & planning office, as a volunteer with various gardening clubs & organizations, and as director of the demonstration idea garden (the DIG) for the brazos county master gardeners. i currently own a garden consultancy & landscape design business, transplant studio. grow where you’re planted is its mantra too.

why transplant studio?

i’ve lived and gardened in michigan, colorado, rhode island, new york, texas, washington dc and currently reside somewhere between the cities of caldwell, bryan and college station, texas. i’ll always be a transplant. i’ve learned that putting down some good, strong roots in the form of a garden is a sure way to find heart in a community.

please give credit where credit is due

unless otherwise stated, the copyright to all images and text on this blog are held by andrea fox. please contact me for permission to use.


andfox |at| gmail |dot| com

instagram @grwhryrpltd

ravelry @grwhryrpltd

I thank Susan Tomlinson of The Bicycle Garden for taking the pic seen above.

7 thoughts on “about grwhryrpltd

  1. Just found your blog, and I’m looking forward to reading through it! I’m also a landscape architect, and co-write a blog on LA issues with Toby Wolf (he’s taught a couple of classes at RISD). If you’re interested, take a look at TakingPlace.net, and feel free to comment.

    • hi deborah, thanks for stopping by! i’m not familiar with toby wolf – we must’ve been at risd at different times. i’ll be sure to take a look at your blog, thanks for the info.

  2. This is amazing and I am in awe of your talent! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

    • thanks renee! i’m so glad you stopped by! now you know where all my free time goes… at least, all my free “thinking” time… hope to see you again soon.

  3. Wow. Love your site. I found it accidentally while looking for environmental impact statements about Lake Somerville.
    I’m currently going to school for environmental studies and am trying to turn my old house into a green/sustainable model. Right now my neighbors think I’m crazy with my cistern. Wait till they see my green roof! I’ve got the whole recycled, repurposed thing going on but looking a little Sanford and Son currently. Your bottle idea was great. I use my bottles on old Christmas trees in the garden. Scares the birds. Your site has alot of great ideas. Good to see you!

    • hi terri! thanks for your kind comments. how exciting that you’re renovating your home to be more sustainable! are you located near lake somerville? don’t let your neighbors get you down… go for that cistern (the bigger, the better) and yay for the green roof! good luck, have fun, and keep me posted on your progress.

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