(almost) spring garden view

spring doesn’t officially land on the astronomical calendar until march 20th, but the garden, in response to the seemingly warmer than typical temperatures of late, is telling me otherwise this year.

front yard garden view of Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpureum' (bronze fennel), Salvia gregii 'Raspberry' (sage), Pyrrhopappus multicaulis (texas dandelion) and friends...
a few steps closer to Rosa 'Knock Out' (rose), Punica 'Red Silk' (pomegranate), Salvia x fruticosa 'Newe Ya'ar' (sage) and Prunus 'Methley' (plum) ... and some slime mold on the leaf mulch, yay!
a close up of pretty Prunus 'Methley' (plum) blooms that burst into flower this morning. even mr. grwhryrpltd stopped to enjoy them before heading to work this morning

isn’t it all so pretty? you should see it from the other direction, when the late afternoon sun and early evening sunset light up the newly emerging foliage like rubies.

talk about a knock out... Rosa 'Knockout' against Punica 'Red Silk' (pomegranate)
newly emerging pomegranate leaves... little rubies they are...
especially when back lit. this is what i call the ruby glow...

and i’ve got a little extra glow because i was awarded this the other night:

2011 brazos county master gardener of the year

gardening is a labor of love, no matter where you’re able to do it… happy march everyone.

11 thoughts on “(almost) spring garden view

  1. you are SO plaqueworthy, and I’m glad it’s official. yay for you!
    fine job of capturing the transparency of new leaves and the glow of backlit sun.
    and ps i have a little ceramic pomegranate on my mantel from our trip to the flower and garden show in boston waaaay back in risd times

  2. Congratulations! I remember the desolate pictures you showed from last summer’s drought, and now look at your garden. Nature is indeed resilient.

  3. Oh happy spring day! Much deserved award, my friend, and much to adore in that lovely plot of yours. Rubies galore! Xoxo

  4. You are very lucky to have flowers in your garden so early. Here in the north-east of France, no flowers ,just yellow grass, burnt by the frost in february. Your garden is really beautiful, many thanks for these pictures.

  5. Love that award and how nice your garden is looking! Master Gardeners do SO much good across the country. Thanks!


  6. It’s almost like you encouraged the plants with the power of your wish. The colours of those pomegranate leaves are oh so beautiful! I wish my garden looked like yours. I’ve recently done my garden preparations for spring that I do every year. I’ve seeded carrots, onions, cauliflower, spinach and I’m going to plant potatoes and artichokes next week. Cherry tree is still sleeping and won’t wake up till the beginning of May so I’ll be missing other colours except brown and green way too long.

    • hi vicki… so sorry i’m just now seeing your comment. i’ve been a bad blogger lately but have a feeling things are starting to look up… can’t wait to see you and catch up for reals!

  7. That’s so wonderful! It’s always nice to be recognized for our accomplishments. If there was an award for beautiful spring front gardens and the photos taken of it, I would give that to you too!

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