who needs to buy flowers…

when you can grow your own?

Rosa 'Spice' and 'Belinda's Dream'

while i did support the floral industry for yesterday’s big event, i had to supplement the arrangement that arrived on our doorstep with a few of these fresh beauties from the garden. there… that’s better.

alstros, roses & panicum arrangement, finished sweater & cheddar beer mustard bread.

my sweetie was particularly lucky. not only did i make him cheddar-beer-mustard pull apart bread (which was good even for someone who can’t stand mustard…), but the sweater i’ve been knitting him on/off for the past three years is finally DONE!

i hope cupid was good to you. happy belated valentine’s day everyone, and happy bloom day.

8 thoughts on “who needs to buy flowers…

    • thanks scott – i often find panicum to be a great filler for arrangements, no matter if it is green, has seeds, or has gone through an entire winter’s weather.

  1. Look at Seth rockin’ that gorgeous sweater. I think he has a sweater modeling career ahead of him if this whole gainfully employed professor thing doesn’t work out. You did a great job on it Sweetheart! and cheddar-beer-mustard bread??!! AND you spiced up the bouquet. You totally outdid yourself for v-day this year! smooches to both of you.

  2. Really pretty, but I can’t believe your roses are blooming already! Did they ever stop blooming this season? Mine haven’t bloomed for months but they’re putting on some new growth. It’s been a strange winter for predicting when things may bloom. I shouldn’t even try.

    • hey jean! yes, we have roses galore in bloom. the knock outs (of course) have had blooms since september, but they’re really coming on now, as are the blooms of ‘spice,’ ‘marie pavie,’ ‘belinda’s dream’ and ‘ducher.’ i never considered myself a rose person, but i might just have to reconsider!

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