…let it rain!

have you received our christmas card in the mail yet? if not, here’s a digital version for you to enjoy:

can you smell it in the air...?

yes, this is the third and latest addition to our annual holiday yard art series. last year’s fragrance was spice (…and everything nice!), the year before that royal pine. not satisfied with mere yard decorations, we wanted to make more of a statement this time to acknowledge the year of record-breaking drought in texas.

the plants outside are dying

and my dear, we’re still xeriscaping…

but as long as you love me so,

let it rain!

let it rain!

let it rain!

while it is a catchy tune, i’m not sure if our rendition of “let it snow” will do anything to improve what the drought monitor indicates. however, i’m happy to report that as soon as our friends in the b/cs started receiving their cards in the mail today, it started to rain! haha! it’s working…!

now, if only we could figure out how to make them truly scratch-n-sniff…

pine. rain. spice

it’s beginning to smell a lot like christmas… texas style. merry christmas y’all.

10 thoughts on “…let it rain!

    • thanks terri! i hope to read of your holiday travels on your blog too… hint, hint!

  1. passe-moi un autre sapin rita! i got yr card and love the new addition. we’ve had no rain here either—around here we’re close to meeting our highest recorded dry month. fingers crossed!

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