holiday greens on bloom day

i’ve missed the last few bloom days… but i’m not going to miss this one, even if most of what’s growing on in the garden is greenery right now. speaking of greenery, i haven’t updated you on the holiday greens lately. here’s how the harvest wreath has changed into a holiday wreath, minus the holly that is:

october's wreath - oh yea, this was the one i gave to the sorghum breeder, a bit different from the one shown at our front door, below
late november's wreath with grasses, vines and burrs
december's wreath with fir boughs added
and then pomegranates and ball moss were added
and then pine cones and a ribbon were added
see why i picked a blue-green ribbon? because the kitties like it!
and just today i added purple beauty berries

see what fun you can have with bits and pieces of garden gatherings? i’ll probably keep adding to the wreath, as i’ve seen a couple of birds and anoles taking bits and pieces of it away… and that must explain why the kitties are being so good, staying on the porch…

happy bloom day everyone.

9 thoughts on “holiday greens on bloom day

  1. My wife keeps the same grapevine wreath on the door all year. Each month she changes its theme. However, she makes it more flashy and less natural looking. You would think considering what her husband does for a living that something from the garden would be on it from time to time. Happy holidays and happy GBBD!

    • we all have our artistic outlets, don’t we? all the best to you for the holidays les. enjoyed your parade photos!

  2. Even the dried plants are beautiful. But during this time where you have all white and dry around you, our vivid colors might be able to give you some warmth. I tried to post colorful blooms and leaves to alleviate the cold and gray in the temperate climates. Don’t you think so?

    • thanks a. we’ve got a few things blooming right now, you just have to look a bit more carefully for them. lucky you!

  3. Lovely and industrious, darling. I wish you could help me decorate as we’re sadly lacking any and running out of time!

    • wouldn’t that be fun?! surely you’ve got some lights up for pete to marvel at? now that we’re nearing the longest night of the year you need ’em!

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