pardon the break in holiday greens coverage (what was i thinking… a daily post? moi? we’ll see how long this lasts…), today’s images are from the second annual brazos valley pulletpalooza in bryan/college station. six chicken coops graciously opened their gates for touring, chicken fancying and coop construction contemplation. since two of the sites were on last year’s tour, we started with the ones we hadn’t yet seen. since we got a bit of a late start we were only able to visit three, but we know where the others are when we get to the point of wanting chicks of our own…

first up, jeremiah’s chickens on leonard road:

eggs for sale
a cluck of hens and a mild-mannered rooster
reused book shelves make nice nesting boxes

second up, stephanie and her daughter joy’s chichens at bait barn fisheries on highway 21:

former horse stables turned into a comfy but secure chicken coop
on guard
nesting boxes
proud joy's ameraucana egg

third stop, lamar’s chickens on silver maple lane:

a large chicken enclosure, constructed from reused materials by the big event volunteers
a sturdy construction of recycled pallets & brick, bird netting and chicken wire - whatever it takes to keep marauding critters out
a chick settles in to roost for the evening

we wish we could’ve made it to all the coops today, but daylight was waning and time ran out. thanks to everyone who participated. next time we’ll plan ahead and bring our empty egg cartons to share. a meager token from chicken owner wannabes.

6 thoughts on “pulletpalooza

    • i wish… unfortunately we don’t have enough room to have a coop. will need a bit more land before that can happen… until then, i’ll wonder where the rooster i often hear crowing lives in the neighborhood… hmmm…

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