holiday greens: harvest wreath

we currently have a bit of grain sorghum growing in our front yard and i was admiring its rustic orange hue earlier this evening.

sorghum sentinel

since i used quite a bit of it (from another local field) earlier in the fall for a harvest wreath, i thought it could count towards my holiday greens posts. here’s what it looked like before i hung it by the front door in october:

october's wreath

i’ve since added other field & woodland gatherings to the wreath (from other friendly sources) including grape vine, native grasses and cotton burrs (thankfully, not from a $10 imported stem from anthropologie). i have plans to add green tree trimmings to the wreath once i find a place who will give them away for free. it will then feel even more wintery and welcoming. in the meantime, here’s a close up evening view:

november's gatherings patiently awaiting december's additions

no use in starting over with holiday decorations. by simple addition you can transition your fall elements into winter, enjoying them that much longer.


5 thoughts on “holiday greens: harvest wreath

    • are you using sorghum syrup or sorghum flour for those muffins? sounds like a recipe for the spelty post…? i think gluten free floral arrangements could be your next best thing… run with it!

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