holiday greens: sage, silver & lilac

today’s holiday greens post is an image of an arrangement i made the other day while my family was here for thanksgiving. as you can see, all items are from the garden and have held up pretty good considering it’s still 70 degrees outside.


i love the cool, soft color combo of sage green, silver and lilac. the trimmings include Rosa ‘Marie Pavie’ (rose), Salvia x fruiticosa ‘Newe Ya’ar’ (silver leaf sage), Vitex trifolia f. purpurea ‘Fascination’ (Arabian lilac – the pretty purple leaves) and Callicarpa mexicana (mexican beautyberry). here’s the full arrangement on the garden altar:

full view

also included in the jar are Dolichos lablab (purple hyacinth bean) and Eupatorium havanense (white mist flower or boneset). to make this even more in keeping with colors traditionally considered for the holidays, i’d add a branch or two of my red-fruiting possumhaw, Ilex decidua.



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