holiday greens

i’ve fallen off the blog bandwagon for a while… so, in an attempt to hop back on the sleigh, i’m proposing a daily, single photo post, of holiday greens that catch my eye on that particular day. why holiday greens? i love this time of year, especially for home & garden decorating. i hope to find some unique twists to what is traditionally considered for holiday green decor – be it actual materials, color combos, flavor inspirations, or whatever strikes my fancy that day. feel free to comment and let me know if we’re on the same wavelength.

first up, swiss chard:


red and green, and pink and white. on one hand, this photo makes me think of peppermints. on the other, reminds me of the subtle-tasting vitamin addition my sister added to her recent holiday energy smoothie. drink it up friends. december is here.


14 thoughts on “holiday greens

  1. interesting – the photo i selected isn’t showing correctly – it should be landscape orientation – so click on it, and you’ll see the pink and white i referred to. guess that’s what happens when you do a quick post option on wp.

  2. The Swiss Chard does look like peppermint! You’re not alone in falling off the blog bandwagon. Quite a few bloggers I chat with have commented that they’re having a hard time getting motivated. For me, it’s that plus the fact that the weather has been perfect for gardening here on my corner of Katy!

  3. you two had me furrowing my brow about the snowflake comment… and now i know what you mean! if only we could control the real weather by “scheduling”… !

  4. Hooray! I love Swiss Chard and now I know I love swiss chard photos-specifically yours. I like to put excess chard in a veg lasagne. I’ll also just barely steam it and then freeze it for later use. xx

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