alzheimer’s action day

are you wearing purple today? i am.

a garden mosaic in support of finding a cure for alzheimer's disease

you may not be aware of it, but september is world alzheimer’s action month. today, september 21st, is alzheimer’s action day. advocates across the globe are doing their part to spread the word about the disease that has no cure (yet). i’m not one for facts and figures… having a family member diagnosed with early-onset alzheimer’s is all the proof i need to know and realize the a/effects it has on daily life.

thanks to the advocacy of the alzheimer’s association, in january 2011, President Obama signed the national alzheimer’s project act (NAPA) into law.

educate yourself about this disease. do what you can to support research and advocacy efforts. reach out to those with the diagnosis as well as to those who are caring for their loved ones.

life is precious, full of meaning and memory. i love you dad.

papa grwhryrpltd & i with the cessna 180

4 thoughts on “alzheimer’s action day

  1. Thanks for the reminder, and let me give you a big hug for supporting your Dad and recognizing the gifts that he’s given you.

    And I hope that we’ll be able to figure out soon how to help folks redirect their diagnoses into a hopeful future.


  2. Thank you for posting this. I didn’t know it was a month of recognition, but this is great information to share at any time. Thinking of you and your dad, meaning and memory. Love, ~Lynn

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