to the man with a heart of gold

the risd landscape architecture family lost a wonderful soul this week.

doug crowell, we already miss you. may the light and laughter you brought to all of our lives continue to resonate from the hearts of those you touched.

the man with a heart of gold

i took this picture of doug playing guitar in the wire tree studded window of our graduate show gallery in mid june of 2005. it was a beautiful moment, seeing him playing there… we were full of hope and celebration of getting through three years of studio all nighters, cut fingers from model and wire tree making, tough critiques that made us wonder what the hell we were doing and personal breakthroughs that pushed us confidently forward. without a sheet of music in front of him, nor a care in the world of what passersby thought of him playing solo in the window, he was sure in that moment. he was free.



4 thoughts on “to the man with a heart of gold

  1. a lovely photo that brings back risd memories. the generosity and warmth of you and your classmates made all the difference for me, and i send you my love and condolences over your profound loss.

  2. thanks, love. i just got home from vermont…it was a perfect sunny day and the leaves are just about to burst into brilliant color…

    it was heartbreakingly beautiful

    there were so many people there, his heart of gold truly radiated far and wide. his two little boys are the spitting image of him, hopefully they will inherit his tremendous sense of humor… and his ability to be sure and present in every moment.


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