september bloom day

here’s a quick pictorial view of what’s blooming in the gardens at grwhrypltd. at first glance you wouldn’t think we’ve been in the midst of an historic drought with wildfires raging all around us, but believe me, we have. and before you think we’re some of “those people” that water all the time, please think again. we’ve subscribed to the “voluntary” landscape water restrictions of twice weekly since we first found out about them, over two years ago. i’m amazed they haven’t been made mandatory for our fair city yet. so see, some things can survive such extreme conditions. afternoon shade definitely helps.

sunrise view of the back garden, looking southeast
view looking northwest. new canvas & burlap chair covering by the sewing department of transplant studio (yours truly).
closer view of Cassia alata (candlestick plant), finally in bloom.
detail of Cassia's flower and leaf structure, newly unfurling from evening's prayer position.
a safely nested green spider amongst the white Zinnia 'Polar Bear' petals.
Hemaris thysbe (clearwing hummingbird moth) feasting on Clerodendron ugandense (butterfly bush).
the front garden's not so robust but adequate plant display. we're looking forward to renovating this planting this fall. maybe it will rain by then. doesn't sound likely.
a rogue Sorghum survived a front corner planting where Zea mays (corn) wilted from the reflected light and heat from the street.
a nice textural composition when looked at closely. Panicum virgatum (switchgrass), Rosa 'Spice', Quercus virginiana, Rosa 'Knock Out'.
another nice composition at sunset. Muhlenbergia capillaris, Eupatorium havanense, Rosa 'Knock Out', an abundant Pomegranate 'Red Silk', and Quercus virginiana.

happy bloom day everyone. head over to may dreams gardens to see what else has survived this summer’s weather conundrums.


4 thoughts on “september bloom day

  1. Hi i came here when i saw your name is just like mine! However, i cannot see where on earth you’re from, that patch in the side bar eluded me. I can see you can also grow some plants we are familiar with here in the tropics, especially that Casia alata, we call akapulko here. Glad to have met you. Happy gardening!

  2. Things don’t look nearly as dire as some of your previous GBBD posts from this summer. I love the Cassia. Friends of mine grow it every year, I fall in love with it, but can’t figure out what I would have to remove to make room for one.

  3. OMG…your garden looks AMAZING…and in the midst of drought even! Love that shot with the Switchgrass…such amazing texture. That Cassia is stupendous (is that also called Wild Senna???)

  4. Y’all sure have transformed your little patch of CS, that’s for certain. Have any of the neighbors looked in and asked maybe how they could do a little something like that? Sure would be cool if a Buffalo-Garden Walk-like explosion of less turf-more flowers took hold everywhere. Not for lack of your inspiring work! (and I sooooo wish we had a Sewing Dept. They do great work 🙂 xoxo

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