on seeing trees

on the last day of the garden blogger’s conference in seattle this summer (more posts to come… promise…) Timber Press added some take home items to our going away goodie bag. one of them was an 18″ x 24″ poster with gorgeously photographed twigs, leaves, fruits and nuts. talk about eye candy.

Seeing Trees book cover and poster layout

the poster was a marketing piece for the recently released book Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees by Nancy Ross Hugo photographed by Robert Llewellyn. at the time, i thought it was the contrast between the images and the poster’s stark white background that made the poster so compelling to the eye, but i soon found out it was the photographic technique itself. instead of taking a single top-down image of a tree’s anatomy, Robert took a more in-depth approach, layering images at successive focal ranges to result in a rich, fully focused composite. the perfect example of palimpsest, and photographic genius if you ask me.

Timber Press is hosting a give away, so head on over to their contest page and enter to win a copy of this visually intriguing book. while there, you can see more about the book’s authors and photographic techniques. the contest runs until September 9th, so don’t delay.

disclaimer: i will receive a review copy of the book in exchange for this cross blog posting. i’m looking forward to reviewing it.

p.s. if you’re a lover of layers, and palimpsest, like me, check out the music of cellist Zoë Keating. her latest album is coincidentally called Into the Trees. NPR has a recent story about her compelling work here.


10 thoughts on “on seeing trees

    • did you watch the photo of how robert takes the images? reminds me of looking through a microscope, focusing in and out to see all the layers…

  1. There is also a Radiolab podcast with Zoe Keating that is mesmerizing. I find it hilarious that I too posted about “eye candy” but it was of the Spanish variety! Too funny!

  2. This was a great giveaway — I had WAY too much info from Seattle to do justice to posting, I’m afraid. And, I was delayed as I’d left my camera cord behind, and had to wait for it to arrive. Oh, well.

    Lovely post,

  3. Greetings from England!

    I’m so glad you’re getting a copy of this lovely book as I’ve been feeling very guilty about accepting your goody bag at the Fling. You were most kind 🙂

    I’m in the process of writing up my book review to go up on Sunday and came over to get a link for you…

    • hello there VP! you have nothing to feel guilty about! my bags were overflowing with garden swag, so i was happy to share – thank you for letting me keep the poster! i’m looking forward to your review of the book. all the best…

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