refreshed by the PNW

view from gas works park across lake union

i’ve returned from the garden blogger’s annual meetup in seattle, refreshed from the cooler temperatures, views of tall coniferous trees and vast expanses of deep, dark water. it was a wonderful trip of garden touring and catching up with friends both old and new. over four days we visited an array of private and public gardens, retail plant nurseries, a sculpture park and a farmers’ market. knowing how long it can take me to go through all the photos (1028 on the camera, plus several on the phone – but that doesn’t even come close to those who shot over 2000 photos…), i thought i’d post a few to pique your interest until i can spend more time on a post for each tour stop.

pre-seattlefling day 0:

gas works park

apld & gwa regional meetup, that graciously invited garden bloggers to attend:

barbara lycett's garden, host of the apld & gwa regional meetup

seattlefling day 1:

a comfortable respite in the garden of suzette & jim birrell
summer's view from the garden of shelagh tucker
lunch time gathering at the historic dunn gardens (designed by the olmsted brothers)
soest garden at the university of washington's center for urban horticulture
entrance to elizabeth c. miller library at the center for urban horticulture

seattlefling day 2:

lower view of the epping home & garden
filtered-light entry to the lane home & garden
waterwise vegetable & compost garden at the bellevue botanic garden
richard serra "wake" sculpture at SAM olympic sculpture park

seattlefling day 3:

west seattle farmers' market
home & garden of lorene edwards forkner, one of our fabulous seattlefling organizers and timber press author of the forthcoming book, handmade garden projects
garden shed of plantswoman and designer kate farley
interior canopy view of Sequoiadendron giganteum (giant sequoia) at south seattle community college's arboretum and coenosium rock garden

gloriously rain kissed seattlefling day 4 on bainbridge island:

bloedel reserve
a mossy gradation
the etheral reflection pool at bloedel reserve
raindrops falling on the pond near bloedel's japanese garden
west meadow path toward bloedel's storage barns
plant shopping at dragonfly farms & nursery
danielle ernest of proven winners hosted the "punch drunk in love with the PNW" cocktail party for our final soiree. lorene is enjoying a well-deserved beverage.

i hope that gives you a taste of what we saw during the seattlefling! more images and descriptions of my favorite stops to follow. thanks again to EVERYONE who organized, sponsored and participated this year! it was great to get to know you and spend some quality time together, enjoying the things we love.

andrea fox @grwhryrpltd (thanks for the photo kelly @floradoragal!)


29 thoughts on “refreshed by the PNW

  1. Love the shot from the ferry and the long shot of the Epping garden. Wish I’d thought to take one like that – it really gives you the scale of that garden. Great to see you at the Fling.

    • thanks diana! i wish i’d gotten the “long shot” from all the gardens – but some didn’t really allow for it. good to see you too, have fun with all your photos.

  2. Great pics! I love how you saw totally different views than me. Some I wasn’t sure which garden they were at until I read the description! Beautiful scenes and details I completely missed! Hope to se you soon my dear!

    • wow, you’re the fastest commenter ever! i figured i had to get something up, seems like everyone is leaving me in the dust with their posts! it’s really fun to see what we all gravitated toward… so many good details. i miss it already…

  3. What a great fly by. So much fun with so much seen and so much missed! Amazing that you can be in the same place with the same people and see completely different things. We are are our own lenses just as David Perry suggested! I hope our paths cross again sooner rather than later.

    • indeed, we are our own lenses… and it’s up to us to reflect our vision back to those around us… leaving the world a more beautiful place, wouldn’t you say, miss rumphius…?! until our paths cross again…

    • thanks kathy! breaking “the rules” like david suggested is fun. i like to play around with the metering of my camera – while focusing on a lighter or darker area in the general picture area, i’ll press the shutter button half-way down to focus on that particular light source, then while still holding the shutter half-way down, move my aim toward where i wanted the picture to focus on in the first place. it can make for a nice surprise, like magic. easy to do, even in auto mode!

  4. Excellent post! I love the pic of you at the end on the ferry, what a great smile! It was cool to meet you. I wish I had thought to go out on the street and get a photo looking up at the Epping Garden. Good picture of Loreene’s house too. And that one looking up into the branches of the sequoia is literally awesome.

    • thanks alison… cool to meet you too! still working on my pics, will get another post up soon! hope you got all your plants in the ground…!

    • thanks jean. now all we need to do is play the lotto so we can afford a summer’s cottage on puget sound…

    • we missed you kris! but layanee was there to represent the greatest little state… we heart rhody!

  5. All your photos are so beautiful! giant sequoia! moss! you! I can tell you had a lovely trip. Hope the memories keep you cool for a while…

  6. Such wonderful photos and wonderful gardens! One day I’ll have to do one of those flings. I actually have a little flower garden now with blooming things! I’ll have to get on some bloom day posts.

  7. Wonderful overview. And, you got pictures of the library. For some reason, taking photos there intimidated me. I don’t know why, my shutter isn’t noisy (cue image of librarian going ‘shhhhh!’) It was a pleasure to meet you, albeit briefly!

    • same to you caroline! i wish we had more time at the library – for photos and book perusing – what a great resource!

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