it’s a seattle fling

2011 garden blogger's meetup

tomorrow i’m heading to the pacific northwest for the garden blogger’s annual meetup. last year we were in the happenin’ garden metropolis of buffalo, ny, made popular by the twitter hashtag #buffa10. this year we’ll be in the cool climes of seattle, wa. surprisingly, i’ll be one of the rare bloggers without a laptop, netbook or tablet, as all i have is an android phone. i’ve blogged from it before, but i have to admit it’s a pain in the arse. i’ll post a photo here and there, but you’ll have to wait for a full report upon my return. until then, follow us at #seattlefling. i’m looking forward to some respite from the texas heat, tours of fabulous garden estates like bloedel reserve, knitting on the water taxi to bainbridge island, and catching up with my fellow gardenerds. i’ll also get to see a dear aunt of mine, so this trip is packed full of purpose, connection and inspiration.


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