it’s been hot and hazy here lately, with day time highs in the 100’s and lots of pretty clouds building in the skies come afternoon. we got a whopping two tenth’s of an inch of rain yesterday… enough to wash the dust off everything.

storm clouds building

i’ve had yellow on the brain lately, likely due to my last post, but probably because it’s always been one of my favorite colors, even if it is difficult to wear. the garden seems to be highlighting it right now, or, to further the crayon/eraser theme, should i say hi-lighting it?

land of the giant (self-sown) Helianthus (sunflower)

while the vegetable garden doesn’t seem to be producing much in the edible realm for our kitchen, it is producing a giant’s share of sunflowers. the plants shown above came up on their own from last year’s crop of maybe 12 sunflowers… my how they’ve grown. i don’t mind though, as the entire bed now offers a wallop of seed for the birdies and attracts lots of beneficial insects to the yard. i’ve discovered giant wheel bugs, assassin bugs and even midas flies this year. totally cool, because they eat lots of bad bugs.

land of the dwarf Helianthus (sunflower) 'Irish Eyes'

of the sunflower seeds i actually planted this year, these were the most successful. ‘Irish Eyes’ are sweet, topping out at about two feet but attracting their own bevvy of bees and industrious pollinators. they’re especially pretty in the mornings when the sunlight streams through their petals.

anoles & chickadees love yellow too

these garden critters have enjoyed the yellow highlights as well. i’ve relocated many an anole to the safety of the giant’s leaves from dubious kitty demise… and enjoyed watching many bird species dine en plein air.

Hemerocallis (daylily) 'Big Smile'

here’s my favorite daylily in the garden, ‘Big Smile.’ a chartreuse throat surrounded by lemony petals touched with pink. makes me smile, especially when the evening light softens its petals. Tithonia (mexican sunflowers) are now towering over this plant, and will soon transition the garden from yellow to orange.

home made lemon curd vanilla bean ice cream (later swirled with aji chile blackberry sauce). texas sweet corn.

but before we get to orange, here’s a bit more to celebrate about yellow. home made lemon curd vanilla bean ice cream (recipe here) that i swirled in aji chile blackberry sauce into (recipe here). talk about heaven in a bowl, especially when you use key lime juice and blackberries from the garden. but if that sounds to decadent for you, there’s a few ears of texas sweet corn to enjoy.

what color/s are catching your eye these days?


8 thoughts on “highlights

  1. That sounds like the most heavenly dish of deliciousness – thanks for sharing the recipe link!

  2. your photo of the anole on the sunflower leaf is wonderful, as are your exploding sunflowers.
    around here it’s orange: glaucium, california poppies, anemanthele.
    sunflowers only in seed form, in the bird feed dish…

  3. Those are some towering sunflowers! I like that daylily as well. And thanks for the ice cream recipe. I’m always looking for good ones and that looks refreshing. Think I’ll make a blueberry sauce for it though, since we have lots of blueberries at the farmers’ market right now. btw, love my avatar! 🙂

    • yes ladies, the ice cream is well worth the time to make it. i varied the recipe by using 1/3 cup key lime juice (nellie & jo’s famous key west lime juice) instead of the 2/3 cup lemon juice it calls for. a perfect treat for a steamy day. enjoy!

  4. Those are IMPRESSIVE sunflowers! Any idea of what their parentage. We’re enjoying the beginning of blueberry season here — blackberries coming soon. That ice cream looks amazing.

  5. Beautiful sunflowers and I love your little anole. That ice cream sounds sooo delicious. Will have to try it.

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