soak in the light

thought i’d take a moment to post a few recent pics of the garden just before sunset… i love to soak in the light this time of day offers… it has such a calming effect on me.

Muhlenbergia capillaris (gulf muhly grass) with Rosa 'Sunny Knock Out', Verbena bonariensis (butterfly verbena), Prunus domestica 'Methley' (plum) and Punica granatum 'Red Silk' (pomegranate)
Salvia x fruticosa 'Newe Ya'ar' (sage) up front with Verbena bonariensis (butterfly verbena), Rosa 'Sunny Knock Out' and Prunus 'Methley' (plum) in background
Verbena bonariensis (butterfly verbena) against Muhlenbergia capillaris (gulf muhly grass)

i hope you had a productive and enjoyable weekend in the garden…


7 thoughts on “soak in the light

  1. yes laura, they are! i thought all the bulbs were way finished blooming as it’s tank-top weather now (but it’s only april…), but a small clump of daffodils surprised me this am. sending warm and sunny ju-ju your way in upstate ny!

  2. you captured the glowing feel of afternoon light, and i can almost see those plants photosynthesizing in the sun. have a glass of wine for me!

    • actually, i was thinking of installing some custom made, botanical embedded concrete pavers, made by yours truly of course, selectively placed through the front bed, for a wee little sitting area to enjoy that time of day more often. i wonder if the wine shop delivers door-to-garden…? cheers…

  3. Finally had some warm weather here causing the first plants to pop. But now back down to the 40s with 50 mph winds. My weekend off does not look good for gardening. Your front and back gardens are really coming along!

  4. Lovely photos! I love that time of day too. I actually got to sit outside last evening, enjoying a hard cider and my daffodils although there was no sunlight. Just an overcast warm day. I miss you. Let’s do some simultaneous wine drinking and phone talking!

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