a surprise in every…

this morning i went to empty the contents of my rain-filled, chartreuse watering can onto our thirsty potted citrus trees when i noticed the water wasn’t coming out very fast. leaves and debris tend to fall into the can, or rather, i pour them into it as i decant our rain tubs into the can. apparently someone went for a water slide, because this is who i found in the spigot:

Hyla cinerea (green treefrog) in the spigot of my chartreuse watering can

well… what are YOU doing in there little guy?! i think he was as surprised as i was. thankfully, the plastic perforated covering pops off the spigot, with a little effort, of course. in no time i had Hyla freed from his confinement.

nice spring time color combo, eh?
nice to know you, Hyla cinerea (green treefrog)

without any significant trees to place him by, i set him, with his perforated plinth, into a clump of Chasmanthium latifolium (inland sea oats). i wonder where i’ll see him next… whadoyaknow, i just went through my photo archives and realized that this must be the same guy i saw in august last year (but never posted about), as he has the same number & location of golden spots on his back and behind his right eye:

see... same spots... we have a resident green treefrog!
same chartreuse watering can, same rain tub...

whadoyathink… is he attracted to the modern design of the watering can? hey ikea, i think you’ve got a niche market here…

thanks to the Herps of Texas website for help in identifying our garden critter. i’m stumped as to why he lives in our garden, because it’s far from a swamp, lake side, or stream edge. i guess the water in the can was a bit smelly, if not brackish from all the derbis in the bottom of the tub. none the less, i’m happy he likes it. and i’ll take that as my lucky four-leaf clover find for the day.


4 thoughts on “a surprise in every…

  1. You don’t need more proof that your garden has become the oasis of choice for everyone passing through. I LOVE the shot down the spigot!

  2. thanks ladies… come on over anytime to see for yourself. i even spied him this evening, waiting for the full moon to come out so he could croak his little heart out. sweeee!

  3. I can’t wait to hear the peepers croaking their little hearts out. How nice to have a resident tree frog. We’re getting more snow even as I write this and it’s cold enough that I can’t get the tractor started. urgh. Spring, come soon!

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