2011.03.15 gbbd

amidst the crazy, incredulous and scary things going on these days, nature keeps sending us promises:

Heuchera (pink coral bells)
Narcissus tazetta 'Grand Primo'
Ilex decidua (possumhaw holly)
Rosa 'Spice'
Iris albicans (white cemetery iri)

see hundreds of other bloom day offerings at may dreams gardens.


8 thoughts on “2011.03.15 gbbd

  1. I’m not sure I’m thrilled with the common name of the Iris albicans, but I really do like its chaste white and yellow flowers! And the heucheras always keep me entertained…not usually gonzo spectacular, but always perky and pleasant. Happy belated Bloomday!

    • i didn’t understand the common name of the iris either, until i met a southern heirloom plant guru who told me they’re named that for a reason – before fake flowers became the fashion, or regulation, at gravesites, folks used to plant real flowers… (!) particularly those that were hardy and could withstand neglect. thus the name bestowed upon I albicans. this is the first time it’s bloomed in this garden, an added bonus.

    • my daffs are seriously lacking as well. i blame the multiple freezes we had that shocked their blooms off. better luck next year.

    • hey, thanks for your loie fuller dance movement comment, comparing the iris to an image you had of her. what a beautiful comparison.

  2. I agree- what an unfortunate name for the iris! So happy you’ve got things blooming. I’ve got snow drops. Yay!

    • yay for snowdrops! hopefully they’ll convince that fluffy white stuff falling from the sky to stop, so they can bask in the sunshine glory of spring.

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