the bluebonnets are coming…

this is just a quick post to let you know i haven’t completely fallen into the compost heap… spring is right around the corner and outdoor activities are starting to fill my days (YAY)! here’s a few pretty photos i took at last week’s DIG work day at the brazos county master gardener’s demonstration garden. in this part of the world, bluebonnets are the floral harbingers of spring, signaling that the prettiest time of year has just begun.


Lupinus texensis (bluebonnet)

Lupinus texensis (bluebonnet) in the rose garden

another Lupinus texensis (bluebonnet)

what harbingers of spring do you look forward to seeing?


8 thoughts on “the bluebonnets are coming…

    • les, have the fields of Lamium amplexicaule (henbit) made you think of changing your mind…?

    • maybe you should be on the lookout for Verbesina virginica (frost weed). on second thought, keep your eyes peeled for Symplocarpus foetidus (skunk cabbage), it will be up before you know it!

  1. i’ll see your lupinus texensis and raise you lupinus albifrons!

    i see spring coming at my house and it looks like apple tree bud break. yee haw, as you guys say.

    • ooh, L. albifrons is so very purple! i prefer my blues blue.
      btw, i don’t recall saying “yee haw” too often around here, though i do hear “whoop!” quite a bit. it’s not in my vernacular yet.

    • yes pam, you can grow bluebonnets in michigan, but they’re known as lupines there. you can start them from seeds, but if you can find plants it’s probably a bit easier. you’ll most likely find the russell bybrids, they come in all sorts of colors, not just blue!

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