a bleak february #gbbd

there’s not much blooming in these parts of texas for february’s garden blogger’s bloom day. the only plant blooming is a single stalk of Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Arp’ (rosemary) at the front corner of the house. apparently, it’s not too affected by frosts and freeze, as this same stalk was blooming during our two recent cold spells.

one stalk of the entire 3' x 3' plant is blooming, amongst many frost damaged leaf tips

the kitties and i went out to survey what else was happening in the garden. not much.

puma wishes she had pretty narcissi to pose by
frost damaged and sun bleached narcissi foliage will most likely arrest these bulbs from blooming
more frost damaged and sun bleached narcissi... actually pretty gorgeous when you take a closer look
dude makes good use of this forsaken bulb patch

this post is looking better suited to foliage follow up… so here’s the update on the mangave:

frost- and freeze-protected Mangave x 'Macho Mocha'

it’s obviously seen better days… i hope my efforts in protecting it didn’t make the conditions worse, but somehow, they probably did. i should’ve stuck to my plant philosophy of tough love for this little guy. the center of the plant appears to be sturdy enough to regenerate some new foliage once the active growing season gets under way, so i’ll continue to keep an eye on it. the Agave even has some damage on it. i think it’s also from freeze damage experienced over several cloudy gray weeks, followed by a few days of intense sunshine that bleached the remains of the damaged plant cells.

frost, freeze, and sun damaged Agave americana leaves

ah well, it’s sunny and nearing 70 degrees most days this week, so spring is definitely around the corner. soon more bulbs and plants will emerge to brighten our days.

happy bloom day. go see who else is lucky with blooms today at may dreams gardens. and stop over at foliage follow-up while you’re at it!


6 thoughts on “a bleak february #gbbd

  1. so nice to see the kitties outside! mine is curled up in her (heated) cat bed- hopefully dreaming of summer (but probably dreaming of cheese…)

  2. What a hard winter we had — for the 2nd year in a row! Boo! I think your ‘Macho Mocha’ will recover. It’s a tough plant (mine had no damage last year, without protection), but this winter was just too much for it. Mine are damaged too but will recover, I think.

    Try squid agave. It had no damage in my Austin garden, with no protection, through both winters.

  3. I had no idea rosemary had flowers like that! How beautiful. Mine, (inside) has some buds and now I’m waiting with great anticipation for the flowers!

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