a vintage valentine

i was determined to send out valentine’s this year, as christmas and the new year went by without us getting around to sending paper greetings for that joyous occasion. well, it’s happened again, and my chance to make and send cards of this recent garden photo, via the postal service, has passed…

pomegranate heart

a while back, i happened to receive a vintage german pop-up valentine from my mother-in-law, who knows i’m a sucker for those sorts of things. i think it’s from her father’s stash of paper goods, as he was a printer in detroit and also a sucker for those sorts of things. i took two photographs of the card out amongst the rosemary: one in the closed position, and the other open. i then placed it, via photoshop, in a vintage paper photography studio frame, also from the stash of detroit goods.

cupid, doves and forget-me-nots (closed)
cupid, doves and forget-me-nots (open)

happy valentine’s day everyone. may you all find little treasures to enjoy today.


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