winter in the bcs

here in the b/cs we’re experiencing our second (third?) seasonal bout of winter. today’s chilly temps and frozen precip mix made for questionable driving conditions, mostly because my rear-view mirrors were rendered useless due to a lack of proper ice removal tools (my kroger plus card could only do so much). last week the university closed due to four inches of predicted snow (i think we only got about an inch) but we all know it was really due to black ice. while that phrase brings to mind many motherly winter driving warnings, it’s nothing to joke about around here, where road preparations involve seeding the overpasses and high LOS intersections with cinders, gravel and ash. while those ice-preventing amendments may function in a more environmentally sensitive way, i prefer my roads salted.

i wasn’t inspired to capture any frozen moments today, because frankly the light just wasn’t shining on anything, but here are a few images of our second bout of winter, less than a week ago. perhaps i’ll get a few opportunities to capture today’s frozen animation tomorrow…

sadly, this clump of frozen Narcissi won't be able to flower now...
it's a crying shame...
the droop of a frost-damaged brassica
here comes the snow...
this will surely test our texas hardy garlics
but we might as well make a snow kitty or two while we can
and breathe in the cool, crisp & refreshing artic air while we can...

bundle up folks. i mean, i hope you have your cold-sensitive plants bundled up. it’s supposed to get down to 19°F tonight (wind chill 5-10°F). while they’re not looking too good (and that’s an understatement…), i hope the citrus, mangave and agave can hold on for the 68°F and sunny sunday forecast…

p.s. of the three winters we’ve been here in tejas, it’s snowed at least once each year. and you know what? it wouldn’t be winter without it.

p.p.s. all this talk of weather inspired me to add a wx page to the blog. check it out.


3 thoughts on “winter in the bcs

  1. Wow, I’m shivering just looking at your snow-covered gardens! No snow fell here but it got plenty cold. Tonight’s going to be in the 20s again and tomorrow’s low is forecast to be 31. I’m hoping this is winter’s last hurrah.

  2. I can actually hear the term “black ice” whispered in my ear, even though India is about as far away from experiencing such as thing as one could wish. Love the puma prints.

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