looking through glass

the past week or so i’ve been looking through glass at collected bits of the garden.  i’ve enlisted the help of our collection of antique blue mason jars to buffer and play with light. you see, david perry is judging this month’s gardening gone wild picture this photo contest and having met him at the garden writer’s association meeting in dallas this summer, i was compelled to experiment with his proposal for this month’s theme: macro in a mason jar.

putting our antique (quart) blues to use yet again

the goal of this contest is to capture the essence of an object, en macro, and to enhance its characteristics with quality light passing through and reflecting inside the glass.  the camera is placed on the rim of a glass jar of some sort, and the camera’s macro skills are put to the test. if you’ve ever struggled with the macro (tulip) setting on your camera, this is the study for you to train each other with.  honestly, i think the more you work with this setting, the better the eye of the camera and of the beholder gets…

ball perfect mason & pint

my first collected objects included gossypium (cotton, not grown on-site), winterized asteraceae, lichen epiphytes and another malvaceae (cotton being the first, hibiscus the second):

fluffy gossypium (cotton)
asteraceae on gossypium through the glass
asteraceae "snow" flakes
lichen epiphytes on gossypium

continuing on the soft cotton background that both reflected and softened the light, i added asclepias (butterfly weed) to the jar:

asclepias (butterfly weed) array
asclepias seed pods on gossypium

i then decided to build up the background using my favorite colored winter stems:

lichen on purple blushed malvaceae (hibiscus) twigs
apricot infused malvaceae (hibiscus) seed pod with purple blushed twigs and lichen
an agriope (orb weaver) spider nest added to the light-filled jar

changing things up a bit i removed the cotton and went for a bit more chlorophyll action:

enter beta vulgaris (swiss chard) and the vegetable garden to the mix
the blue green glass filters complementary light onto the swiss chard
jagged rubrus (blackberry) leaves and thorns
reflected blue light pools on ruby rubrus (blackberry) foliage

continuing with the fruit theme, i gathered some pomegranates growing out front:

punica (pomegranates) red and green

noticing the center pomegranate (above) was in the shape of a battered heart, i placed it alone on a bed of cotton:

pomegranate heart with soft filtered light

and then i (accidentally) broke my heart:

not a soft landing for this glass jar...
gathering up the broken pieces...
even the shattered pieces are beautiful

working with the emerging theme, i vowed to go on, even if i could no longer follow the rules:

pomegranate heart on shattered antique glass
pomegranate heart with left membrane removed, on shattered glass and soft cotton
a shattered heart at rest

i took this series of photos over a week’s time, and enjoyed how the images evolved. which image would you choose to enter the contest? to see which one i selected, head on over to the gallery where there’s several other perspectives to enjoy. thanks again to fran, saxon and debra for hosting the contest at ggw, and thank you david for the poetic inspiration.

namaste (i see & honor the light in you)…


16 thoughts on “looking through glass

  1. Hi

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Yours photos are lovely – the jar was beautiful (how sad that it got smashed) and I am envious of all the green stuff you have in Texas at this time of year… For what it’s worth, my favourites of your photos are the green and red pomegranates and the Swiss chard. Good luck!

  2. I think the lichens are my faves but that’s because I’m kinda sorta a lichen freak. Bummer re the shattered glass but kudos to you for finding the poetry in it.

  3. Hey Gorgeous,
    Beautiful photos, and it was so fun to watch your progression. I think the swiss chard and blackberry photos are my faves, but I love the macabre pomegranate heart on the broken glass, especially the third one from the bottom.

  4. This is awesome! Hard to pick a favorite, but I do love the red and green pomegranates. So sad about your beautiful jar, although it does make a beautiful picture. Good luck!

  5. thanks for the love everyone! this was a fun process to capture, i highly recommend you try it as well. now, if only i could find a bigger glass jar…

  6. Wow, that was great, following your mason jar shoot. Loved it.
    I really liked your hibiscus pod, the twigs and also the swiss chard (that one had some really nice color).
    Looks like we both spent a lot of time shooting.
    So nice of you to stop by my blog, thank you, you brighten my day.

    Also wanted to say that your header is very original and cool. I find myself bumping in to the screen trying to get up close to examine it. 🙂



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