…and everything nice

somehow amongst all the holiday to-do’s i didn’t get around to sending out our holiday greeting card.  so instead of printing them out at home on heavy watercolor paper, cutting them out with an x-acto knife, hand addressing them and affixing a vintage holiday stamp to its corner, this year posting it on the blog will have to do.  no matter how you receive this little message, we love you all the same.  happy holidays and merry christmas!


Pinus spice... and everything nice!

and yes, that “tree” is really planted in our yard, the second in our now annual holiday yard art series.

here are a few in-progress pics:

janet helps with stencil detail
ooh, how we like the results (way better than last year's free hand attempt... progress indeed)!

now taking suggestions for next year… vanillaroma anyone?



8 thoughts on “…and everything nice

  1. it IS great, but still i want to see a giant rear view mirror attached to the house from which the little tree can hang….

  2. Very clever! I hope you have a great 2011! Are you on FB? There’s a FB page for the next garden bloggers fling. Send me an email if you aren’t on it and want to be.

  3. Beautiful! It’s nice to have a unique holiday tradition. They’re all about tradition in TX, but I bet College Sta. has never seen one like this? Happy New Year!

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