tending to the chickens

no. you are not hallucinating.  it is snowing!  perhaps where you live, but definitely not where i am.  thankfully the pixelated powder puffs are gently falling here on the blog.  seeing how long it’s been since i’ve last posted, i figured i’d better get the shovel out before i’m buried under all the good stuff i’ve been collecting for you.

first up, chickens.

one of the mcgee's barred rock hens

yes, i feel as though i’ve been tending to the proverbial chickens lately, but the hens we saw on the first annual brazos valley pulletpalooza made us wish we had a back one, let alone, back 40, for the feathered variety to run around on.  this recent event was the brazos locavores tour for the month where we visited two residences with a chicken coop in the city limits of college station.  yes, you can have chickens in your own backyard…!  so long as you follow proper protocol with the code enforcement office.  unfortunately, we don’t have the requisite 100′ spacing between adjacent residences and coop structure to house the pullets in.  what’s a pullet you ask?  a young hen of course, typically under one year of age.

(disclaimer: i know my pics look horrible on screen (?!?); for a better view double click them or head over to my flickr site)

welcome to the first annual pulletpalooza
loved the pulletpalooza signage, by resident artist miss mcgee
yes, ma'am!

our first stop was the mcgee residence, otherwise known as big myrtle’s tea shoppe and egg emporium.  their 10′ l x 10′ w x 12′ h coop houses seven barred rock hens and i’m assuming myrtle’s one of them.

view of coop showing relation to treescape, house and garden
side view of coop with entry, in relation to back of house
side view of coop in relation to adjacent residence
ms. myrtle, pray-tell?
miss mcgee treats the ladies to popcorn
barred rock eggs, in a basket

our second stop was the stearns residence, where the hens seem to have a little pull in the design/build world…

view of coop in relation to house and garden
front view of the coop and fenced enclosure
side view of coop in relation to adjacent residence across the street
interior view of coop with roosting ladder
interior view of nesting boxes
ameraucana eggs with the slightest of blue-green hues
coming in for her closeup
pretty bird (someone cue jenny lewis...)

inspired though we were by pulletpalooza, this is the only breed of chicken we’ll be able to have in our neck of the woods:

because every neighborhood needs a rooster...

thanks to the mcgees and the stearns for opening their yards and coops for pulletpalooza!  here’s to more funky chickens in the b/cs…

post script: for more background info on the coops featured in this post, head on over to this post of myrtle’s.


11 thoughts on “tending to the chickens

  1. I think it’s time for you to fight city hall to amend the space requirements for backyard chicken coops, and then build one in your garden.
    Because if anyone belongs in a hen house, it’s a Fox!

  2. How about bees if they don’t allow chickens? Check out the NYT today on communities changing rules against bees. Plus, what a added bonus for all of your flowers!

    • kate has bees in mass. barb has bees in ny. i don’t know anyone who has bees in tx. anyone… anyone…? i know how to work a honey centrifuge extractor (a.k.a. galvanized trash bin that holds two hive frames and spins to pull the honey out and into a bucket)…!

    • hi cindy! it was fun… especially to see the one coop all decked out for the holidays. lucky hens.

  3. Chickens rock! I have a book out of the library right now on chicken coops and am happily scheming for spring!

  4. I am in need of temporary housing for my chickens. Is there someone who could put them up for about four nights (Wednesday 7/6 through Saturday 7/)? They are my first chickens ever, and I’m having to move. I was lucky to find a rental that will accept them. I have help moving the coop and pen, but it will take a few days. Please email me at cheryl77845@yahoo.com if you can help or know someone who can. Thanks!

    • cheryl, did you find someone to tend your chickens? i’ve fallen out of the chicken loop around here, sorry i couldn’t help you. folks at the brazos locavores, farmers market or aggie farm might be of help if you get into the same situation again.

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