november blooms & foliage

fall is here in central texas and we’ve been making the best of its beautiful weather, expanding the front garden beds even closer to the street and piling the compost, mulch and shredded sorghum high on the beds to sweeten over the winter.  that must be why i’m late to post for carol’s bloom day and for pam’s foliage follow-up this month…  consider this post a two-for-one.

it just keeps on growing...

Tithonia (mexican sunflower) against Schizachyrium ‘The Blues’ (little bluestem)

a radiant but petal-less Tithonia

a freshly rained on Canna 'Wyoming' bloom

looks like the pumpkin patch is for the caterpillars this year...

hoping for better luck with our newly planted, texas-grown garlic

the monarch and queen caterpillars and butterflies have enjoyed the Aesclepias (milkweed) this fall

a new Clerodendron 'Pagoda' blooms for the first time

another first bloom from Salvia madrensis (forsythia sage)

a cool palette Clerodendron ugandense (blue butterfly)

a pretty floral and foliage combination (Rosa 'Knockout', Panicum 'Prairie Blues', Rudbeckia maxima, Cynara cardunculus ‘Green Globe’ )

the gor-gee-o-so foliage of Vitex 'Fascination', especially vibrant on a cool, rainy day

another pretty foliage combo (Eupatoriadelphus purpureus, Rubus & Salvia x fruiticosa ‘Newe Ya’ar’)

i even found a teeny tiny lemon-yellow zinna

it’s a pretty time of year, don’t you think? hope you’re able to take some time to observe the subtle nuances of the season, wherever you may be.  happy (belated) bloom and foliage day.


6 thoughts on “november blooms & foliage

  1. It is definitely a pretty time of year, and especially in your garden. I love that purple vitex foliage. I had one in my old garden but moved before it had time to grow very large. Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up.

    • thanks pam! i’m hoping the vitex survives over winter… i actually bought three 4″ pots at barton springs nursery last fall, and the three of them (planted about 2′ o.c. – on purpose) are over 3′ tall and 6′ wide now. it is a stunning plant. thanks for hosting foliage follow-up yet again.

  2. Now it’s your turn to enjoy some great gardening weather 🙂 We had snow on the ground this morning!
    I absolutely love those Clerodendrons. And the tiny zinnia is so sweet 🙂
    I want to try the aesclepias in my garden. There’s plenty of wild milkweed around but I’d like to give the Monarchs another variety to temp them to hang around the garden beds a little longer.
    I’m sure our little lamikin will end up on the blog before too long. He’s very photogenic. Did you see the pics Kylie put on Facebook? What a happy little surprise he was! 🙂

    • thanks again kerri… if there’s any plant that monarchs love, it’s aesclepias. the more the better. i’m going to grow a few (new to me) native varieties from seed to increase the diversity around here. and yes, i did see pics of the little lamikin… has a royal name been chosen yet? enjoy…!

  3. Very pretty plant combinations. Just one look at your front yard and you can tell a gardener lives there! Yes, I love this time of year the best.

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