happy november

i came across a clipping from the september 1955 issue of better homes & gardens, as we just so happen to have a few boxes of old magazines from relatives that we hung onto because they were typographically fun:

"make today's projects save you time tomorrow"

the upper right illustration got me thinking.  it states: “Make space work for you. Add new accessory each season: table, chairs or outdoor lights.” i halfheartedly harrumphed at this because it’s november 1 and stores are already pushing this seasonal claim.  i actually saw a “merry christmas” sign today.  at least they waited till november to put it up, when people start thinking about turkeys and pecans and raking leaves.  in august i saw fake christmas trees, lights and ornaments in a local craft store.  in AUGUST people!  it’s still 80+ degrees here and i’m far from feeling in the mood for winter holidays, but maybe i’m just ornery from the sugar high i’m working off from last night’s trick-or-treat left overs.

i am glad to see the guy in the illustration making his own seasonal outdoor decor.  kudos to that.  looks like a bench, maybe for his sweetheart to sit on and enjoy the colors of fall leaves and migrating butterflies.  it’s november everyone.  enjoy your fall gardens while you can…


6 thoughts on “happy november

  1. For the sake of your blog fans, disregard the instructions that say “don’t garden all over your lot”!

  2. I hate the Christmas stuff showing up earlier and earlier. My daughters and I have a sick game of who can spot the first Christmas decorations of the year, (homes not stores) and it is so sad.
    But I do excuse craft stores! Advertising Christmas projects 6 months or so out is not unreasonable if you are doing hand made gifts. There is no excuse for them to be selling decorations or have trees out though. But when I wanted to make hand embroidered stockings for each family member, I knew I had to start early to get them done in time. It would be frustrating if the craft stores only carried the materials a month before Christmas!!

    Oh and I love old magazines too! So much fun.

    • hey serendippity! i’m with you on being prepared for the gift-giving season, especially if you’re making them yourself. which reminds me, i need to get cracking on mine…! have fun with yours…

  3. I believe that taking up pipe smoking will make gardening even more fun… I also like how the men in these pictures seem to be wearing dress shoes. And apparently the woman’s place is in the home- right inside! Do not come out to garden even!

    • i noticed the pipe too! i think the magazine this clipping was taken from was geared toward male readers… perhaps the weekend-warrior mentality started a lot earlier than we think…? i’m so glad our weekend garden projects are co-ed.

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