i have been her kind

i came across a fun image of a bat woman at the graphics fairy last night.  inspired to make a little something for the holiday, i added her to background images of a pumpkin blossom and a skipper moth, both taken in the garden.  who is she, this bat woman?  perusing the poetry foundation website for moth and bat inspired poems, i came across “her kind” by anne sexton and gained some insight into just who she may be.

happy halloween.  if you want to listen to a podcast on magic and the occult, this is an interesting one i heard this morning on public radio.  if only i had some gold leaf lying around…


4 thoughts on “i have been her kind

    • hey kylie… do i sense a story in your comment? have you uncovered bats in the attic or elsewhere on the farm…? ’tis the season…

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