september blooms

i made it through half of the afternoon before realizing today was the 15th of the month and that i had no idea what to post for bloom day.  i’ve just returned from the garden writers conference in dallas, so rather than looking to what’s blooming in the garden i’ve been tending to the newly planted thoughts in my head…  while i ponder how to share the best of the 776 garden tour images i took during the conference (!) i’ll share just two plants that are blooming in our garden today.

first bloom on the Rhodophiala bifida (oxblood/schoolhouse lily) against Ipomoea batatta 'Blackie' (sweet potato vine)

Cassia corymbosa (texas flowery senna)

yes, there are more blooms out there, but these are the two most recent.  i expect even more to come as our second growing season gets going this fall…  happy bloom day!


5 thoughts on “september blooms

  1. Beeeuuuutiful! I’ve never seen the Senna before. Very lovely. How’s the 2nd growing season coming along? We’re cold and nasty here. blarg.

  2. Andrea, I cut out a pic of an oxblood lily I thought you should have in your garden and lookee see, you already have them!

  3. Hey! I just realized I totally missed bloom day! Those are both really interesting. My mom’s lilies were blooming while we were there–sure like those. And Senna is also new to me. Looking forward to your GWA story. xoxo

  4. Doesn’t the 15th come fast? Too fast! Blackie is a great companion to the lovely lilies.
    The Senna is new to me as well! Love those cheery yellow blooms!
    Looking forward to seeing at least a few of those 776 images from the GWC. You’re as bad as me! 🙂

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