back in grad school my friends and i often invoked shrubbery- in the monty python sense – if only to laugh at ourselves for becoming one of those who arrange and design shrubberies…  recently these same friends of mine came across a new kind of shrubbery, and it made me laugh:

see more of justin shull’s terrestrial shrub rover on his website here or over here on landzine where my friends first directed me.  if it fails to make you laugh, certainly it will make you reconsider the shrubberies around your house, no matter how nice looking or expensive they are.

for those of you that need reminding, the monty python shrubbery scene is here:

happy friday!


7 thoughts on “shrubbery

  1. How fun it would be to have one of those shrubs and move it about to different people’s houses during the night and “plant” it in their yard for the day.

  2. It sure wasn’t a shrubbery from our part of the world. Fall color? Almost unheard of. And the driver would have passed out from heat stroke 30 seconds into the video.

    I watched ’em both and LOVED them.

  3. It gives new meaning to “Bring us a shrubbery!” Just hilarious. It looks very nicely clipped too.

  4. Bring us a shrubbery rover! I want to see it in a peopled space, innocuous and then moving, and let’s see if anyone notices. superfuntastic!

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