fields of basil

i’ve been working on a quilt top for a certain someone’s special gift… i can’t disclose the details for fear she may find out, but wanted to share some pictures with you.  on monday i’m shipping it off to my mom’s to get quilted, so we’ll have to wait a few weeks before we see the final result.  in the meantime, enjoy.  the kitties sure have already…

fields of basil quilt amongst the wild basil
kitty approved
fields of basil quilt
fields and farm to market roads
envious green eyes
another hand-crafted gift that's going to be hard to give away... but those are the best...

12 thoughts on “fields of basil

  1. I’ve wanted to learn quilting and have decided that now is the time. I’ve been shopping for a sewing machine on Craig’s list. (mine left home with my daughter when she got married; justification? She said she used it more than I did. Truth.) I remember watching both my grandmothers quilt and I treasure the quilts I received from them.
    Quilting is such a beautiful art form. There are some amazing masterpieces to be seen. Have you ever been to the Quilting Convention held in Houston in October? So worth going.

    I love your fields of basil quilt. Beautiful colors!!

  2. thanks for the nice comments everyone! serendippity, yes i know about IQF houston, and am taking two classes there this year! it’s becoming an annual retreat for my mom and i. speaking of, she got the quilt in the mail and said the photos don’t do it justice… can’t wait to see how the quilting turns out!

  3. those kittehs know quality when they feel it! You have a great eye for cool combinations. How good it will feel to give your heirloom gift soon 🙂

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