the foliage of august

i’ve not participated in foliage follow up, pam@digging‘s monthly take on garden bloggers’ bloom day, but since i have so much foliage going on i thought i’d better join in on the fun.  if it weren’t for a little greenery, or shall i say purplery, my garden would be pretty sorry this summer.  i don’t want to think about what it’ll look like come winter.  ooh, winter, that sounds so refreshing right now…

click on any image for a larger view, enjoy.


4 thoughts on “the foliage of august

    • thanks lyn! the two galleries seem to make my page load really slowly, so i have some tweaking to do. how do you get yours to load so quickly and still have good quality photo sizes?

  1. Whoa, love your sea of foliage! I love little bluestem as well (I’m afraid it probably wouldn’t do well where I live now though). I’ve never heard of that particular vitex. I’ll need to do some research on it. Hope you’re getting through this heat okay!

    • thanks jean! i think you’ll really like the fascination vitex – the underside of the leaves have a lilac cast to them and the flowers are white with a touch of lilac – smaller flowers than your typical vitex, but quite lovely. stay cool!

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