august bloom day

i missed last month’s bloom day and am about to be late for this month’s bloom day (hosted by carol at may dreams gardens), so i thought i’d try a new photo format to mix things up a bit.  here’s an early morning view of what’s surviving the build up of 100 degree days, incessant sunshine and infrequent rainfall we have here in central texas.  my, it’s hot out there, wouldn’t you agree?  click on the individual photos for a larger view.

now, go pour yourself a cool beverage… happy bloom day!


3 thoughts on “august bloom day

  1. You have a choice group of blooms, Andrea. Love the Tithonia. Mine is six feet tall with no blooms. I guess it is waiting to expplode.

  2. The color of that canna ‘Wyoming’ is really rich. I would stick with that in your photos and ignore the leaf roller eaten foliage. Last year they were really bad here and had been building up for some years. I guess our sustained cold this winter knocked their population back.

    • hey les, thanks. yea, like most insect issues in the garden, i’ve just let the leaf rollers do their thing… this particular canna doesn’t seem to mind them too much and keeps sending up new foliage and flower stalks, yay!

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