upstate update: ithaca

i’ve been meaning to post a few pictures from our visit to ithaca, the second stop on july’s upstate ny visit, and our former hometown.  we attended a wedding that was held at the ithaca farmers market, one of our favorite stomping grounds.  it was refreshing to once again be amongst tall trees and cool water.

ithaca farmers market, wedding style
ceremony under the cottonwood trees
flower bouquets purchased at market that morning
ithaca farmers market pavilion, wedding style
hydrangea bouquet on ny (blue) limestone
cayuga lake inlet
dockside at the ithaca farmers market
dockside, looking toward market pavilion
the newlyweds

elsewhere in town i enjoyed soaking up the sites with good friends and neighbors.  there was an art installation on the commons that caught my eye.  this installation by jeremy holmes is entitled drawing in the trees.

drawing in the trees by jeremy holmes
drawing in the trees by jeremy holmes
drawing in the trees by jeremy holmes

i was able to check up on the yard that in five years we slowly turned into a garden… but was slightly overwhelmed at the sight of it, so didn’t bother looking too closely… for it’s no longer ours to tend.

an overgrown but supposedly well-tended garden grows on...

instead, i enjoyed the garden of a dear friend.  she’s not afraid of color.  or of slowly ripping out every blade of grass from her lawn…  i love that about her.

the small estate of colorful treasures
a welcoming entry
a hand-painted scene on the garage wall... or is that scotland in the distance?

it was a wonderful visit.  unfortunately, time ran out before we could see everyone we were hoping to see, and do everything we thought we’d have time to do… besides, a girl’s stomach can only handle so much caffeine.  but how beautiful and refreshing it all was… xox to you all!

the most beautiful coffee i've had... in two years.

6 thoughts on “upstate update: ithaca

  1. Fantastic photos, my sweet. I would appreciate it if you would invest in a private jet so that I could see you more often. I’ll put in a landing field. Miss you!

  2. ahhh gimme some Gimme… must’ve been a somewhat curious experience to see your old garden… absolutely beautiful pics as always…

  3. That garage! So brilliant… and the coffee’s pretty gorgeous too. What great pictures, all. Thanks for sharing your trip back!

  4. Hi there,
    I came across your blog when searching for weddings at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. I’m very strongly considering hosting my wedding there this summer and am wondering, if at all possible, if you might be able to put me in touch with your friends who hosted it there. I would love to chat with them for 20 minutes or so, just to get their take on the do’s and don’ts of the venue, given how unique and sparse it is. My email is attached to this message.
    Thank you in advance!

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