upstate update

i recently returned from a nice looong trip to upstate ny where, among other things, i:

  • attended buffa10, the garden bloggers yearly meetup,
  • went to ithaca for a wedding and visited dear friends, and
  • traveled to west edmeston to see another transplanted ithaca friend who’s taking on vegetable and sheep farming

to say the least, i have a LOT to post about, but am caught up in getting caught up back here at home… here’s a few photos to enjoy while you pardon my delay…

buffa10 garden party
ithaca trees
kylie's sheep

i’ll have multiple posts on the way, so bear with me while i edit all my photos… ttfn!

4 thoughts on “upstate update

  1. I know all too well how long it takes to edit photos!
    It was so great to have you lovely ladies in our neck ‘o the woods!
    The sheep are becoming less sheepish. They love those apples!

  2. Have enjoyed everyone’s Buffalo posts and am amazed at all this gardening that has happened since I left town. No way to know what was happening when I left; as a college student I don’t think I was paving much attention. Though I remember many visits to the Historical Society (no doubt they mentioned it is the only building remaining from the Pan-Am Exposition). And visits to Conservatory at South Park were a family traditional for all the holiday flower shows. When my parents were still alive, it is one of the last places we all went when I was home to visit them in the early 1990s.

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