last week i finished the weekender travel bag, an amy butler designed pattern:

weekender travel bag

i had it outside to take photos of it for maybe five minutes before dude, my feline garden companion, decided to hop in and test drive its roominess:

dude in a bag

it must’ve inspired him because he ran out of his yard late yesterday afternoon and has yet to return…  upon walking the neighborhood this evening i saw a black cat hanging out with someone in his front yard, so i went to investigate.  it wasn’t dude,  but was creaker, i mean, max – the kitty i took care of for 10 days (vet surgery and all) when he arrived in our garden last year with a huge gash on his head from a skunk, possum or other creature of the night.  i think while creaker was recovering he told dude a few things about the neighborhood and inspired him to wander.  so yes, this has happened before…

creaker (i.e. max) recovering after surgery last march (2009)

anyhoo, that’s another story, but the neighbor that max was hanging out with said he saw another black cat, to dude’s description (collar and all) in their yard yesterday, right after he caught a bunny…!  no way!  we figured his defense would be lacking as mr. grwhryrpltd clipped his claws an hour before he disappeared.  apparently, he can still fend for himself.

oh dudie, come back to your yard, you little wanderlust devil…


11 thoughts on “travelin’

    • thanks patchwork queen! looks like you’re a fellow fan of the butler fabric line… love the wallet and the smarty girl bookbag you made! thanks for stopping by…!

  1. Dude is out makin’ the rounds…love the bag. Maybe you should put it out on the front porch so that he’s tempted to hop into it again!

    • why didn’t i think of that?! i left the back gate open instead… when mr. grwhryrpltd threw his coffee grounds out in the lawn early this am, dude came out from his hiding place under the squash vine… he has a small bite mark on one ear and some scuffed up paw pads, but other than that, a-ok.

  2. Hey all’s well that ends well (with a bite on the ear). Maybe Dude will realize how well his green eyes go with that beautiful bag and stay home in it! (til you take it travelin’ i guess!)

  3. smart (and not-so-smart) dude… glad he’s home safe and sound. his eyes match the green circles on the bag…were you color coordinating your accessories with your pet?

    • i find most amy butler patterns to be very straight forward – the directions are quite clear as are the diagrams. however, i’ve added a few minor adjustments to her patterns, mostly detail work, like the cording on the smaller side pocket of this bag. i wasn’t really happy with how the lining turned out, and will try to figure out an alternative the next time i make this bag… we have two kitties, you know…

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