a thunder cloud of cukes

i went out to harvest a couple of cucumbers this morning, and here’s what i came in with:

a thunder cloud of cucumbers...

there’s 13 Cucumis sativus ‘Thunder’ (cucumber) in the sieve and two that wouldn’t stay in it – !!!  i probably left about a dozen smaller cukes on the two vines we have growing.  i don’t even know how many we already have in the refrigerator, and i’ve lost count how many we’ve given away to friends.  mr. grwhryrpltd wants to make pickles out of them, but by the time he gets back from a full day out in the fields (he’s a plant breeder) the last thing he wants to do is deal with vegetation.  and i don’t even like pickles.  but maybe this summer i’ll learn to love them…

Cucumis sativus ‘Thunder’ (cucumber) grows on a vertical trellis


21 thoughts on “a thunder cloud of cukes

  1. Beautiful! Those are just stunning. How many plants of them do you have to get that much fruit?

    • thanks deborah! just two little plants, one on each end of a 9′ long bed… they’re climbing onto the trellis i put up for the sweetpeas. one is 5′ off the ground now…!

  2. You should make cucumber salad with unsweetened shredded coconut, cilantro and lemon. It’s so delicious! I wish I could take some of those off your hands. Xo

    • i would never have thought to combine cukes with coconut before… i shall try it! thanks lyn!

  3. i’m really impressed with how professional those cucumbers look!
    sunomono is a japanese salad that is one tasty way to use up cukes, and no pickling in a hot kitchen required.

  4. pick them smaller, and make pickles.. they will last all year, in the back of the fridge! i’ll locate a recipie and send it your way.

    • thanks melanie! i’ve thought about picking them smaller saying to myself, they’re too small now, maybe in another couple of days – but by then they’re too big! and i’m not even watering them everyday, nor have they gotten much rainfall. ‘thunder’ must be a good variety for this area… looking forward to the recipe!

  5. Those are huge! Are they a variety that is supposed to be that big? I usually try to pick mine much smaller because it seems the larger they get the more bitterness there is. Mine here in Dallas are just starting to bloom and climb the fence. Any day now…

    I’m not much of a pickle person either, but love them cukes fresh. Cucumber salads. Greek Tzatziki. Slicked julienne for vietnamese spring rolls. Sliced cukes in ice water is very refreshing. And occasionally I do love a good bread and butter pickle. With as many as you have you could just work your way down the list at a weird recipe site such as

    I’ve done cucumber relish and I’ve heard of cucumber soup, although cold soup doesn’t sound right to me. But some of those just sound weird. Cucumber jelly anyone?

    Love your website. I started following after hitting you from a random link and realized you were pltd where I grew up in the b/cs area. Over mother’s day I was visiting the folks and we went to an antique shop in North Bryan. They had a plaque behind the counter that said, “Grow Where you are Planted.” I’m sorry, but I giggled thinking that must have to be the mantra of people who have to live in B/CS. Excuse my love/hate relationship with the city of my childhood. ;-D

    • hi serendippity! thanks so much for stopping by, and for the recipe ideas. i’m actually in the process of making bread & butter pickles right now as another friend gave me her mom’s recipe to try. i know i should pick them smaller to make pickles, but the flavor of the big ones has been really nice so far. the other night i made peanut sesame noodles garnished with thinly sliced cukes, and it was delicious.
      may i ask what antique store you were at in bryan? was it the attic in downtown? if the sign was an antique, i might have to see if it’s for sale… the whole grwhryrpltd mantra was one i came up with before moving here and hope to take with me wherever i go…
      good luck with your cukes in dallas!

  6. Holy canoodling cucumbers Batman! Those rock. I love cukes and wish I was there to help you eat them. Another recipe idea to make a gin and tonic with Hendrick’s gin and garnish with cucumber. Sounds strange but it’s really delicious. Of course, you’ll have to drink quite a few G&Ts to get through that lot.

    • why hadn’t i thought of that before?! you introduced me to the wonders of hendrick’s back in the day… looks like mr. grwhryrpltd and i will have to start hosting our own g&t parties… 😉

  7. I’ll have to ask momma. I just went where she took me! 🙂
    I will get back to you on it. (sending email to dad right now!)

    And surprise, I found my first cuke this evening while tying my vines to the fence. I remember by the end of the cucumbers last summer I was sick of them and I’m ashamed to say I wasted a few too many. But the first harvest of each new veggie in the garden is so exciting and happily anticipated. This year I solemnly swear to work harder at using ALL the harvest and exploring new recipes and ways to preserve. If nothing else, everyone in the family will get pickles for Christmas!!

  8. Furniture Farm
    1106 N. Texas Ave.
    Bryan, Texas 77803

    I do not remember what it looked like. I just remember reading the words and thinking of your blog.

  9. What a harvest indeed! We would always pick the cucus as babies, less seeds and much fresher taste. We never pickled them but used salt and pepper and this was our nightly starter….However, it was M’s breakfast food as well during the season.

    Miss you!

    • hi terri! i’m pretty sure i’ll have some cukes left when you return from your trip abroad, and i’ll save you a jar of pickles too… it’s been hot here but your plants are surviving… so far…! i miss you!

  10. love the kitty pattin’ the cukes. THey’re so purty!
    My mom always made a sweet (sweet!) summer salad with paper-thin cuke sliced, sugar, vinegar, and onions. Yummy. But I like the G&T approach, too. Our plants are tiny and not even in the ground…

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