remembering the unknown…

i came across a unique image on nyt today that graphically (and floristically) depicts the number of soldiers who fought and died for the U.S. since the revolutionary war.

image by rumors design studio

the size of the flowers on the wreath are scaled to reflect the number of soldiers that died for each wartime effort.  what isn’t graphically depicted is the number of deceased soldiers that were unable to be identified or were otherwise lost in action; this information is described in the article that follows the image.  while i’m no expert on the history of war and i’ve not had to experience a personal loss of this kind, i can only imagine the impact that even a single loss of life brought to those who most cherished it.  however, i am grateful to those that have served (my dad, my grandfather, my great-grandfather…), even if i can’t fathom the experiences they’ve had to endure…

see more projects by rumors design studio here.


One thought on “remembering the unknown…

  1. What a moving piece of art. Thank you for sharing that. If only we could end all war and save families everywhere the pain of losing a loved one.

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