garden happiness

i love my garden for the simple fact that it brings me joy and happiness…

Hemerocallis 'Big Smile'
Papilio polyxenes asterius (black swallowtail) on fennel
Ipomoea 'Blackie' (sweet potato vine) and Carex 'Red Rooster' (sedge)
Verbena bonariensis (butterfly verbena) against Ipomoea and Carex
ripening Rubrus 'Brazos' (blackberries)
Passiflora caerulea ‘Constance Elliott’ (white passionflower vine)
Mimus polyglottos (mockingbird, state bird of texas and resident kitty herder) on metal man
new compost bins for the accumulating piles of yard waste
Nassella tenuissima (mexican feather grass) lit by the sun
silvery Stachys byzantina 'Helen von Stein' (lambs ear)
street view of the ever expanding front garden

the other night i was out weeding the front garden when i overheard a young boy, pulled in a wagon by his mom and dad, say, “mommy, what is she doing?” she responded, “weeding, honey.” to which he asked, “why is her yard so big, mommy?” i didn’t hear her response, but it made me smile…


4 thoughts on “garden happiness

  1. I love to hand weed. It is so relaxing! I have one front “herb” (used lightly) garden that I only weed grass out of because I know I don’t want that. I enjoy the textures or the flower of the things that are brave enough to show up. And when it’s done, into the compost pile it goes, until it shows up again next year. I really should learn the names of things…. I am planting soda bottles next to my thirsty plants so I can get the water to the roots better, prevents run-off. I don’t drink soda so I had to collect them from the ditches in town – environmental bonus!

  2. the kitty herder and metal man look like they are about to sing a duet…garden is looking beautiful!

  3. Hey Sweet thang!
    I love your garden too because your pictures of it bring me so much joy and happiness! I love the Mexican feathergrass- do you think it would grow in my zone? We’re 4 up here most of the time. I’m guessing by the word “Mexican” in the name that it won’t!
    Does the mockingbird really herd the kitties?

    • oh good! i think you can try to grow the mexican feather grass in your zone, but i’m guessing since it’s a zone 7 plant that you’ll only have luck with it as an annual… try Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’ for a similar effect.
      and yes – the mockingbirds really do herd the kitties, but only when they have a nest with a baby mock nearby… they even herded me a couple of times! XOX!

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