rainy may bloom day

it’s a rainy may garden blogger’s bloom day here in central texas, and the 2.5 inches that have accumulated in the rain gauge are quite welcome.  here’s a few pictures of what’s blooming anew in our garden:

Rudbeckia maxima (bog cone flower)
Rudbeckia maxima (bog coneflower) in context with panicums and rosa
Hesperaloe parviflora 'New Blue' (yucca) from last year's peckerwood garden visit
Scabiosa sp. (pin cushion flower) and Dianthus carophyllus (carnation)
Helianthus annus hybrid (sunflower) reseeded from last year's crop

happy bloom day!


5 thoughts on “rainy may bloom day

  1. We had two inches of rain last week so everything is looking great here as well. Your plantings look lush and very Texas-sized! I planted one garden in the front as a white garden but my Bloom Day post made me realize I have more of that color than I realized. Thanks for stopping by.

    • yes, i’m beginning to learn to love the scale differences in plant life down here. however, with the texas-sized winds we have, i also need to learn more about how to match appropriately-sized structures to support the poor monsters…! white spray painted t-posts, perhaps…?

  2. I have to admit that I don’t always love rudbeckia (even though I have a ton of it in my own garden) but I think it’s because here it seems to symbolize the school-bus-colored end of the season. Your bog coneflower on the other hand is totally covetable…

    • i’ve not had an opportunity to grow the bog coneflower before – so am enjoying learning more about it’s habits and tendencies. so far, so good…!

  3. Love the rudbeckia- have never seen that variety before! The scabiosa are amazing things too. Mum has some of those in the seedling stage and I’d been wondering about their blooms. Very cool. I’ve been planting up a storm in the market garden. Will be posting about it very soon.

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