taxes are done, bags are packed for tomorrow’s plane ride home to michigan, and there’s just enough time to post a few pics for april’s garden blogger’s bloom day.

a hesperaloe emerges from our first triumphant bluebonnets
a hesperaloe emerges from our first triumphant bluebonnets

the morning sun highlights our favorite sage ever, Salvia x fruticosa 'Newe Ya'ar'
Iris hexagona (from peckerwood garden) blooms for the first time
Iris hexagona close up
Chionanthus retusus (chinese fringe tree) blooms its heart out at the BCMGA DIG
Chionanthus retusus (chinese fringe tree) close up
april's garden view

happy bloom day everyone.


15 thoughts on “retreat…

  1. I like how you’ve embraced your feet in images lately! I’d love to see a picture of your front yard too! Safe travels home today…

    • melody, you won’t be disappointed – that particular sage was green for us all winter (minus the blooms, of course). and when there’s a full moon, light reflects off the leaves.

  2. Congratulations on the start of the flowering year and for getting your taxes completed. It felt great when I finally finished mine and I had a chance to walk out into the garden and not feel the guilt of not doing something less pleasant! Funny with your hesperaloe–I have one I’d given up on years ago, but a while back I noticed it still hanging on, pushing its way through a much larger pile of plant. Tough, aren’t they? I also enjoyed your fringe tree photos, both the effect in the landscape and the detail shot. The texture is so light and ethereal…

    • thanks james. yes, the hesperaloes seem pretty tough. one was just pushing up its first bloom, i can’t wait to see i when i get back. enjoy your garden… guilt free!

  3. The iris is a rich, gorgeous color and it looks like you will have great bloom on the clump. Do you happen to know the cultavar name of that iris? I. hexagona is the name of the blue east coast Louisiana iris species, and hexagonae is the series of all Louisiana species. Yours looks to be a natural or manmade hybrid. It’s a really nice looking plant.


    • hi patrick. i’m not sure what the cultivar name is for that particular hexagona(e), but i acquired it at peckerwood gardens during a garden conservancy tour. i’ll see if i can’t figure it out for you.

  4. I really like the photo collage at the end. I use to do that a lot when pictures came in envelopes, not on the computer. The color of that Iris is very rich. Have a safe trip.

    • hey les, thanks. i was thinking of making a photo collage from that spot every now and then, as it’s a view i see most everyday. will be nice to see how it grows along…

  5. Your backyard is lookong great and so are your knees! How did the BCMG Dig go? Have fun at home and say hi to your Mum for me. xx

  6. Lots to celebrate! I love the “triumphant bluebonnet” and most definitely covet that iris! How I wish I could see your garden growing. Have a wonderful time with the family. Happy BLoom Day 🙂

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