easter gatherings

admiring the garden after hosting a party of 12 for easter linner (lunch-dinner), i gathered my favorite bits to share with you:

easter gatherings

clockwise from top center: Allium ascalonicum (shallot), Salvia x fruiticosa ‘Newe Ya’ar’ (silver leaf sage), Rubus ‘Kiowa’ (blackberry), mystery Lamiaceae (mint), Brassica oleracea ‘Colorup Red’ (kale).

and then there was the white chocolate coated matzo crackers with pistachios and dark chocolate drizzle (recipe here):

a delicate but tasty dessert

happy easter everyone.  i hope the bunny was good to you…


3 thoughts on “easter gatherings

    • yes, les, you must try them! they’re great anytime you can find matzo in the grocery stores. i’ve also made them with dried apricots and crystallized ginger, nice complements to the pistachios and dark chocolate. enjoy…

  1. Suddenly I wish I lived in Texas. Really, I just wish I lived close to you! Beautiful flowers and your dessert looks sensational.
    miss you!

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