where the wildflowers grow

one of the benefits to living in central texas is the show of spring wildflowers.  while driving in bryan, tx today i came across the boonville cemetery and just had to stop:

boonville cemetery, awash in Castilleja sp. (indian paint brush)
Quercus stellata (post oak) and Castilleja (indian paint brush)
Juniperus, Quercus and Castilleja

upon closer inspection there were other wildflowers in bloom:

yellow Tragopogon dubius (goatsbeard)
yellow Tragopogon dubius (goatsbeard)
blue Lupinus texensis (texas bluebonnet)
purple Phlox divaricata (wild blue phlox) and white Chaetopappa bellidifolia (whiteray leastdaisy)

i even grabbed two geocaches while i was at the cemetery. it was a good day.

the sun shines on boonville

for more info on the wildflowers shown here, head over to the lady bird johnson wildflower center’s website.  it has a boon of info for the wildflower and native plant enthusiast.


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