it’s official

yes, i have a bachelor of science in horticulture.  yes, i have a masters in landscape architecture.  but now i have certified master gardener to add to the list.  it only took 50 hours of training and 50 hours of volunteer service to get that badge.  and, it only took an extra 50 hours for the board to deem me worthy of the intern of the year award.  given my background, it wasn’t hard for the bcmga to put me to work.  i currently coordinate their demonstration idea garden (the DIG) that mg’s plan, build, plant, maintain and host public educational events at.  so when i’m not working on a client’s garden, or heaven forbid, out working on my own, you know where to find me.


9 thoughts on “it’s official

  1. Congratulations! Master Gardeners are great, and they sure have stepped in to do a lot that can no longer be covered by Cooperative Extension. It sure sounds like you’re busy!

  2. You rock Girlfriend! I’ve always thought you were very masterful. Can’t wait to see how all the gardens are growing down there. xx

  3. Congrats! Mark and I did one MG session (perennials and houseplants) to see how much we actually knew and how much we wanted to know. Realized becoming a MG is hard work, and that we would rather spend those hours working in our own garden. So I am very impressed at your achievement, knowing how much effort is involved!

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