Trifolium procumbens

i couldn’t pass up today’s opportunity to write about and show you our “prize-winning” clover, since it is st. patrick’s day.  or, should i say, what we once considered the fairest green of the neighborhood:

our fair patch of Trifolium procumbens, low hop clover

yes, we prided ourselves on the size of clover clumps we grew in the front yard this winter.  if only we had a whole emerald lawn of it… Trifolium procumbens, or low hop clover, that is.  it’d sure beat looking at the brown, dead dormant st. augustine grass that was such an inspiring view…

but alas, the threat of all the clover seeds that could potentially infiltrate the neighborhood put us to shame, and so we pulled it.  each and every plant.  however, we made sure to appreciate all the nitrogen-fixing nodules on the roots before we threw them into the compost heap:

the white bumps aren't bugs, they're nitrogen-fixing nodules

the leprechauns in the lawn must’ve gone to work in the soil after us, because after yesterday’s rains, the front lawn was looking even greener than i remembered:

irish eyes are smiling (?)

or then again, maybe someone just put jameson’s in my coffee this morning…

green of leaf and green of sod, green of ivy on the wall, the blessed irish shamrock (was) the fairest green of all.

-mary elizabeth blake


8 thoughts on “Trifolium procumbens

    • yes, some of the other neighbors have flowering plants out front, but many of them wouldn’t consider themselves gardeners. someone who lives down the street walked by with her dog the other day – i was schlepping compost out of the truck – and she said, “your yard is so interesting to look at, there’s actually something going on.” it’s nice to be appreciated. i just hope we can inspire others to go out on a limb and change their “given” landscape, even if bit by bit. gardens, and communities, are certainly a work in progress…

  1. I agree that what stands out is that big rich bed of dark brown soil! What cover crop would you recommend for veg gardens up here? Buckwheat is it?

  2. Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I was thinking the same thing as Linda about your yard…so much more interesting than the neighbors.
    Too bad you had to rip up the clover. Cows would love that stuff 🙂 It sure was a pretty green.
    Kylie has been with us all week on her spring break. Lovely fun! 🙂
    Happy spring!!!! We’ve had gorgeous weather this week.

    • we kinda miss them too… especially because they softened the edges of our sun baked and wind dessicated front “lawn.” will definitely check out ginny’s recommendations for native clovers, thanks for the tip!

  3. Did you find any four leafers in there while you were pulling them up? I thought they looked lovely. Ah well. You’re good neighbors!

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