march bloom day

for several weeks now, the signs of spring have slowly begun to open in preparation for the upcoming vernal equinox.  since it’s garden bloggers’ bloom day, i’ll show you which ones have opened in our garden:

Fragaria x ananassa, everbearing strawberry (3/15/10)

a couple of strawberry blooms delightfully surprised me while perusing the vegetable beds today.  had i not glimpsed an edge of bright white from under the foliage, i probably wouldn’t have noticed them because this is what they look like from above:

F. x ananassa from above

i bought the plants last fall, and located them in the shade of the purple hyacinth vine.  it’s since been removed from the trellis (pictured above) that will probably support tomatoes this year.  if i’m able to limb up the tomatoes (as you would a tree), the hope is they’ll be high enough to provide shade to the strawberries through the blazing heat of summer.

but spring is here, as evidenced by these beauties in the past month:

Narcissus tazetta 'Grand Primo' vs. Nandina domestica (2/27/10)

Narcissus tazetta italicus, paperwhite (3/4/10)

Muscari armeniacum, grape hyacinth (3/10/10)

Narcissus 'Hawera,' daffodil (3/10/10)

i planted the hawera’s in the fall of 2008 and this is the first year they’ve bloomed.  obviously, i need more of them:

plan view of N. 'Hawera'... need more for impact, please...

the peach tree out back is coming along nicely:

Prunus persica 'Sam Houston,' peach (3/14/10)

as you can see from the photo below, the peach is providing a nice pink respite from an all-too-gray brown canvas:

Prunus persica 'Sam Houston' peach from afar (3/14/10)

some of the fall annuals decided to stick around and are showing off their spring best:

Brassica oleracea 'Coral Queen,' ornamental kale (3/14/10)

B. oleracea 'Colorup Purple,' ornamental kale (3/14/10)

and yes, even the roses are blooming:

Rosa 'Knock Out' with Narcissus tazetta 'Grand Primo' in back (3/10/10)

happy bloom day.


11 thoughts on “march bloom day

  1. Happy Bloom Day – I love your perspective. While we have many of the same things blooming, I really enjoy seeing how you make the narcissus look like skyscrapers or a view from high above the kale. So unique!

  2. Hi Love! Beautiful flowers. I’m visiting the parents and we were just ooohing and aaahing over your flowers. I’ve just sent her off to do her own bloom day post. Everything is extremely drab and brown up here. blurgh

  3. I think the flowers on Brassicas are under-appreciated and have heard people say you should cut them off. I think they need to stay. Happy GBBD!

  4. thanks stevie! can’t wait to see how you fill in your blank spaces after your garden center adventures…

    ms. kylie… surely there’s something blooming upstate…?! i bet you could make some pretty mean mud flowers in the snow if you have to… i’ll keep my eye on your mum’s blog to see what you find.

    and les, yes, keep those kales a blooming! i’m actually quite taken by them and will plant even more next fall.

    to spring…!

  5. Thanks so much for posting these pix — they made my day! Up here in MA we’ve been swamped with rain; knowing that so many flowers are blooming somewhere keeps me hopeful, despite the grey and wet here. Love the peach blossoms and kale!

  6. Took a walk in my MI gardens today and the only thing I found blooming was two tiny crocus. After seeing all that wonderful color in yours brought hope to this gardener’s heart!

    • can’t wait to see what else is blooming in our michigan garden in a few weeks… i might just get to have two springs this year!

  7. I have daffodils and hyacinths, but they’re only a couple of inches out of the ground.

    Oh, your peach tree looks so proud to be giving you some pretty blooms.


  8. Wow so much color! The peach blossoms are pure hope. Think I need to get a bit of ornamental kale for our front and let it growwww. We left for the weekend JUST as the crocuses were really starting to pop and open up. Hope they’ll still be around on Monday.

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